Back To Bed – Sleeping Tips That Can Improve Back Pain

Back pain can be debilitating if it goes untreated for a long time. Unfortunately, it is a common ailment that many people develop as they get older and their body starts to weaken. I’ve suffered from back issues for the last eight years. It’s not fun. Thankfully, though, it can be easy to treat this kind of pain yourself, and there is often no reason to see your doctor about it. In fact, if you have been suffering from back pain lately, the key could be in your sleep. When we sleep, we are in bed for anywhere between six and eight hours. That’s a long time to be laid out on your back! Getting sleep right is critical in preventing any bad back aches – here’s how.

Get A Mattress Topper

If you don’t think your mattress is providing you with enough support, you might want to replace it with an upgraded one. Can’t quite afford a new mattress right now? Don’t worry, according to Ted & Stacey’s Mattress Guides, there is something else you can buy to improve the support your bed provides you – you just need a mattress topper. You can buy mattress toppers in different levels of firmness, so you should be able to easily find one that can keep your back well supported while you sleep.

Change Your Sleeping Position

The position in which you sleep could have an impact on your back. There are a few different positions that you could adopt when in bed, but they aren’t all good for your spine. For instance, if you have back problems, you shouldn’t sleep on your stomach as it can really strain the back. If you prefer to sleep on your side, you might want to try putting a pillow in between your legs as it can relieve the pressure on your back. Similarly, if you sleep on your back, try sleeping with a pillow under your knees.

Be Careful About Getting In And Out Of Bed

How do you get in and out of bed? If you rush things, you stand a good chance of pulling a muscle or injuring yourself. Ideally, you should gently sit down onto the side of the bed as you are getting in. You can then slowly roll onto your side and further into the bed. When it’s time to get up, rise out slowly and make sure you don’t jerk your back forward in anyway.

Stretch Before Bed

Carrying out daily stretching can help the back to relax. It will also strengthen the core, which can help keep the back better supported. So, you might want to do some stretching, such as Yoga, right before you go to bed. Doing it just before you get into bed can relieve any tension that has built up in your spine through the day. If you aren’t too sure which stretches will be best for you, it’s worth asking your doctor or chiropractor.

Once you start doing all the steps above, you should find that your back pain slowly starts to disappear. Hopefully, it won’t be back again!


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    Lot of great information her some I am going to try out. Back pain is a bitch and makes for a long day

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