6 Steps for Preparing Your Kids for the Future

One thing about this life is inevitable: We all get older. Before we know it, our kids are all grown and having kids of their own. But let’s slow down a beat because we’re not there quite yet. Now is the time for us to prepare these little people for what’s to come. It doesn’t matter whether they’re 3 or 13, we can start laying the groundwork to set them up for a bright future.

Here are 6 steps to prepare your kids for the future:

  • Move to a better neighborhood
    If you already live in a great neighborhood with highly-rated schools you can skip to number 2. But if you’re in a school district that’s less than stellar, it may be time for a move.

    The good school districts also tend to be in areas where crime is low, so it’s a win-win. Your kids can grow up in an area where they feel safe and have all the tools to get a great education.

  • Enforce a chore schedule
  • Your kids will make you feel like the meanest mom on the block for making them sweep the floors, but it really is for their own good. It’s important for children to understand the value of work and that they must give to get. Kids who grow up without this lesson tend to feel more entitled than they should.

  • Practice reading often
  • Best-selling author Thomas Curley studied the habits of self-made millionaires and found that 63 percent of those he studied were required to read two or more books monthly by their parents.

    Again, this is a case where your kids may not always be on board. Do it anyway. They can thank you later when they’re making millions.

  • Use praise wisely
  • It’s tempting to praise your children for everything they do, but this can be dangerous. Instead, reserve your praise for truly praise-worthy things. This way, your kids will understand that they can do amazing things instead of believing everything they do is amazing.

  • Teach stick-with-it-ness
    Don’t let your children give up on their hobbies so easily. Kids will naturally want to jump from one thing to another, but make sure they weigh the pros and cons first. In order to do so, they need to give each hobby adequate time.

  • Teach them how to ask for help
  • From a young age, kids should know to go to police officers for help. As they get older, they can look to teachers and guidance counselors for assistance. When they’re at college,resource centers are extremely helpful to point them in the right direction. And at work, they’ll always be able to go to human resources with major issues. Send the message that help is always available.


Our job as parents is to raise successful adults. Some things are out of our control, but with these 6 steps, your child will have a great chance at success.


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