Gululu Go Makes Staying Hydrated Fun for Kids

I have lucked out because my kids love water. They really only drink water and some milk. Not everyone is as lucky as we are though. I’ve watched many families I know struggle with getting their kids to drink enough water throughout the day. Water isn’t fun so getting kids excited about drinking it can be a challenge.

We all know that staying hydrated is important, especially as we head into the summer months. Gululu has changed all this with fun interactive kids water bottles. They help kids stay hydrated with the help of a fun virtual pet. Parents can keep track of their progress through a smart phone app! The more water they drink the more fun they have with their pets! It’s such a great idea for a generation growing up with technology.

Gululu Go, ​the new interactive bottle version – features the below new features:

    ● Speaker that enables the virtual pets to talk and play sound effects and voice stories.
    ● Small Size – light, easy to carry and portable
    ● Special cap and Spout – attached to bottle and easier for drinking
    ● Latch for easy on-the-go scenarios
    ● Improved material – better Tritan inner layering
    ● Magnetic Charging Cable – more portable and still cool
    ● Emphasize on user experience

Another reason I love Gululu is their commitment to giving back. They give back with every bottle sold. So while your child is staying healthy and hydrated they are giving to other children throughout the world.

    “Our mission is to hydrate children all over the world. To advance this goal, for every bottle purchased a child in a developing country will be provided with a clean water well for life!​ This can be done ​through our partnership with organization.

You can grab your code for 35% off when you preorder this interactive water bottle. You can also find out more about Gululu Go by visiting the Gululu site!

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2 comments on “Gululu Go Makes Staying Hydrated Fun for Kids

  1. Sarah Muennix

    OMG – this is brilliant!! Seriously! This will solve the “drink more water” fight with our daughter for sure!

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