Keep Kids Entertained On Those Rainy Days! #Parenting

It’s raining, it’s pouring, and everything is boring! When the weather’s not on your side, it’s the weekend, and the whole family is rather frustrated because they wanted to get out and do something fun – not to worry! There are plenty of ways that you can all keep yourselves entertained while being stuck indoors. So before your kids start complaining about being bored – get some ideas under your belt.

Part of parenting is thinking about things that haven’t happened yet, so that when they do, it’s not a problem, because you already have a Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D. If you don’t usually do this – you should start. It will change your whole method and will prevent a lot of whiny children (and partners!)

So here are some of the best ideas to keep everyone happy. – Even you Mom!

Build a fort

Let’s face it, no matter how old you are – who doesn’t love to build their own fort? The great thing about these is that you not only have a blast while making one; figuring out how to construct your masterpiece with sheets, blankets, and perfectly placed chairs. But you can also do so much more once it’s done. It makes a wonderful place to hide and have some alone time. Your kids can go and do some coloring in there, or play with their toys, or even take a nap after their fun-filled day.

Make your own music

Sure, as a parent, the last thing you may want is tons of uncontrollable noise at home – but when you’re able to control it and turn it into something wonderful, there is no reason it shouldn’t be encouraged. Making music is a way of expressing oneself, and it is important that children feel as though they can do that, because they have a lot going on in their little heads. So whether you have guitars lying around your home, or you’re feeling brave and don’t mind creating your own instruments with pots, pans, and wooden spoons – hold your own music session and get everyone involved. Make your own song with lyrics that your children have come up with. You can even record it so you have that fun memory to look back on when the next rainy day comes.

Create a virtual empire

There are tons of different games out there for you and your children to play, and as technology gets more advanced, the features that are offered are more incredible than ever. So if you know your children will enjoy building their own empire while slaying mythical creatures and building up an army to battle the baddies, then you should have a look at the guide for Final Fantasy XV so you know exactly where to start.

Indoor scavenger hunt

While your kids are out of the way, come up with a scavenger hunt. You’ll need a piece of paper to write or draw the things that need to be found, and then hide all those things around the house. Once that’s done give your kids the list, and leave them hunting for all that hidden treasure. This is a good idea because it keeps your kids busy while they go on their fun indoor adventure, but it also gives you time to put your feet up. – The longer you make the list, the more time you’ll have. Just think, you might be able to watch the next episodes of your favorite series without being interrupted!

Visit the library

No one said you had to stay indoors the whole time – why not take a trip to the library with everyone? There are so many positive benefits to going to the library. Firstly because it’s full of books, and books are the future. We spend so much time on the internet nowadays that unfortunately at times; we tend to forget the beauty of books. But there is nothing like having words on a page creating a brand new world that you may have never experienced before. And this goes for both you, your partner, and your children. So encourage this activity – your child’s minds will thank you for it.

Bake yummy cakes

You don’t need to be the next Martha Stewart to have a go at baking. It’s actually a lot more simple than you may think – all you need to do is look at a recipe to realize this. So get what’s lying around in your cupboards and get out your mixing bowls. Children love to do creative things and get messy, so let them be involved in all the mixing, scooping, and scraping. Sure, there may be a little bit of mess here and there, but that can all be cleaned up later on, so don’t worry about it. Get those chocolate brownies on the go, and don’t forget to lick the bowl!

Play dress up

You know that feeling you get when you’re in a fancy clothes shop and you try on all different outfits and pretend like you’re a celebrity on the red carpet – your kids love to do this too. So let them try on your clothes and parade around doing the runway. You can even set the scene by playing some music through your speakers and introducing the new upcoming models. Or maybe they want to be an actor in a play, and if so – make it happen. Let their creative juices take center stage and put on a performance for you and your partner.

So now you have a few ideas, keep them in the back of your mind for when those rainy days emerge – because they will. Just think, no more complaints, no more whining, no more “I’m bored!” Or “It’s not fair!” Because now you’re ready and prepared to entertain the whole housefull, while getting some fun benefits yourself. And if you’re feeling the exhaustion kick in – you can always play the ‘quiet game’. Winner gets a prize! Oldest and most effective trick in the book…


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