Clothes That Smell So Nice Your Nose Will Smile

The power of a gorgeous scent is incredible. Just think about when you walk into your grandma’s house and she’s got something in the oven: you suddenly get whisked back to your childhood, all the memories you thought you had lost flooding back into your frontal lobe. But it isn’t just memory that a good smell affects because catching a lovely whiff of something can make our mood trip the light fantastic and spiraling into a great mood has got to be something we all want more of.

With that in mind, making your closet and clothes smell fresh and beautiful gets given a whole new level of importance, right? Not only will your closet finally stop smelling like you’re still a pizza-chomping student, your mood will get an epic lift.

So, if your closet is making your nose wrinkle instead of your smile grow, then try some of these epic hacks to start making this a haven of lovely smells. Come on, it just makes scents.

Load Up On Ground Coffee

Ever noticed how your fridge smells a million times better when you have an open packet of ground coffee in there? Well, it can do the same for your closet. Now, before you call us crazy and what not, hear us out because pouring some ground coffee into a container, putting a few holes into the lid and storing in the bottom of your closet will suck up any weird stinks. Just remember to change the coffee once a month.

From Wash To Dry

There are certain things you can be doing differently that will have a big impact on the smell of your laundry, and it starts with your detergent. As a sort of secret tip, go with laundry that doesn’t use chemicals, such as this lavender grapefruit detergent from The next thing you can do is hang dryer sheets up at the back of your closet and drawers, which is a super-nifty way of keeping spaces smelling fresh.

Cotton Wool Balls

Covering up a bad smell with perfume is not a very good code to live by. However, if you are trying to get rid of a stale smell, then spraying your favorite perfume onto some cotton wool balls and leaving these on a shelf or in a drawer will work wonders. It doesn’t even have to be a perfume that you spray. You could put a few drops of vanilla extract onto your cotton wool instead.

Spray That Vinegar

One of the worst first-world problems any of us can encounter is that moment you’re getting ready for work, pull your last shirt out of your closet and then it is stained with a smell. It is just unforgivable and all you can do is curse your washing machine while staring at your overflowing laundry basket. Or, you could run downstairs, pour equal parts vinegar and water into a spray bottle and spray it on your shirt (focusing on the smelly areas, like the armpits). Yes, your shirt will smell like vinegar for about three minutes, but then it will disappear, taking the smell along with it. As you can see from this article on, there are in fact a ton of uses for vinegar. It’s incredible.


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