Tips and Tricks to Quit Smoking for Good #Healthy

Quitting smoking can be easy in the short term but lasting results are sometimes harder. Sooner or later, you will get an urge to have a smoke and there will be something drawing you back to it. Relapsing is really easy and common when it comes to cigarettes. Even though you might think that this is only one, it can soon become two or three or even whole pack. This is why you need to completely stop smoking at one point removing this vice from your life.

The biggest issue most smokers have is the fact they do not know how to approach the issue. Most people will simply try to quit cigarettes without having any previous plan. This can set you up for failure. A good plan is necessary if you wish to deal with this affliction the way it needs to be dealt with. In fact, in order to quit smoking you need to do a step by step process for best results.

Here are some of the most important steps you need to take in order to do it right.

Set your goals
First of all, you have to realize that people have different views of what quitting cigarettes means. For some people it is more than enough to reduce amount smoked. For others, it is much better to quit all together. If you wish to make a proper plan you need to decide what you actually wish to do.

It is better to think short term
No matter what you decide, short term approach to quitting smoking is much better. Sometimes people overwhelm themselves by setting up goals that are too high. Instead of doing that, go day by day and count small victories. Do not think in terms “Oh I need to completely stop” and tackle challenges as they come.

Think about substitution and e-cigarettes
Making such a radical move can be problematic for people who have been smoking for years. Try going slowly so it becomes a change you can stick to. There are different substitutions on the market such as patches and gums. However, Electronic cigarettes are also a great option. They are filled with the so called vape juice which is a much better option in comparison to nicotine. It is a good way to start thinking in terms of quitting.

Ask for help if you need it
It’s hard to ask for help, especially comes to vices. Instead of trying to solve everything by yourself ask for assistance when needed. Support groups are great for smokers and they help you learn how other people are coping without cigarettes. You can also always turn to your family as they will likely listen to you no matter what.

Spend time outside
We tend to ignore things that are easy to get. One of them is air. Go breathe some fresh air in the nature and learn how your life can be better without tobacco. Being outside is also great as it allows you some “me time”. It is also great for recreation. Smokers tend to smoke the most while confined in small spaces and stressed. By doing the opposite and going to nature can help you lose this habit.

Try to eliminate other vices from your life
It can be quite a problem if you have several vices. Simply quitting smoking will not solve your issues. So, when you finally decide to quit, make sure to quit everything altogether. Have in mind that some vices such as alcohol only increase your need for cigarettes. By removing both from the equation you are able to tackle the issue on multiple fronts. Good luck!!

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