Reasons to Install a Whole-Home Generator

Thinking about natural disasters or power outages is never fun, so you may not have considered how your home and your family would benefit from a whole-home generator. But if the power goes out for an extended time, a whole-home generator will give you the electricity you need to protect your family and your property. If you haven’t thought about the benefits of a generator, now is the time to start, so consider the following five reasons why you should install a whole-home generator.

Stay Comfortable During Severe Weather

Big storms and other major weather events sometimes cause power outages that last for days or weeks. During that time, imagine being without access to your refrigerator, laundry equipment, or stove. Worse yet, imagine being stuck without power in the middle of winter, with no way to heat your home. A whole-home generator that powers the essentials, such as a few appliances, will make your life far more comfortable than it would be if you had no working appliances.

Prevent Home Equipment Damage During an Outage

Some family members need electricity for their medical devices. Home oxygen concentrators, for example, usually need electric power to run. If the power goes out, your family members won’t have electricity they need to power this medical equipment. A whole-home generator with enough power to operate these medical devices during a power outage is a literal lifesaver.

Some of the losses and damages that occur during storms and power outages are preventable. For example, if your power goes out and your sump pump stops working, you may end up with a flooded basement or some broken pipes. That moisture, if left untreated, can cause foundation issues or mold growth.

Ask a qualified technician to help you connect home maintenance implements such as sump pumps to whole-home generators to protect your home and property.

Increase Your Property Value

A whole-home generator can add value to your property in several ways. Some insurance companies will discount your home insurance costs if you have a home generator, since the possibility that a power outage will damage your home is lower. If you decide to sell your home, the whole-home generator will be a strong selling point for families. Potential homebuyers will appreciate the protection a whole-home generator offers in case of an emergency.

Get the Power You Need

Some people rely on portable generators, which run for a few hours using an external fuel source such as gasoline. If any weather issue or power outage lasts longer than one of these generators, you’ll soon run into problems. These units often don’t have enough power to run many of your appliances, so you’ll have to limit how you use that electricity. When you install a whole-home generator, you choose how much power you want, so you’ll always be able to run the appliances you need.

A whole-home generator is a smart way to stay safe and keep your property protected during a natural disaster or a power outage. You can’t prepare for everything, but you can put some extra preparations in place. If you ever do need to use a whole-home generator, you’ll be glad you have it.

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