Energy Efficient Upgrades for Your HVAC #Save

Energy bills are something all homeowners can relate to. If you’ve already changed air filters, reinforced all window openings, and added fans for improved air flow, you may need to consider upgrading your HVAC system. Energy-efficient upgrades, such as the four described below, can save you money over time and put you in control of your energy bills.

Switch to a Heat Pump Heating and Cooling System

Heat pumps are a great alternative to a traditional natural gas heating and cooling system. By moving or pumping warm air where it’s needed, a heat pump doesn’t create any heat and makes the system much more efficient. Additionally, a heat pump runs on electricity instead of gas so that people can save money on fuel costs.

Your HVAC technician is the best source for heat pump information and unit installation, so discuss the benefits of a move to a heat pump system on your budget as well.

Install a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a relatively new trend in home technology. On most versions, you can adjust the temperature with an app on your cell phone. The remote control is helpful when you’re away on vacations or if you have children who tend to go to the extremes with air conditioner adjustments. Keeping a close eye on your thermostat, and adjusting the settings when you’re on the go, can help you reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs.
Many different smart thermostat models and options are available for homeowners who want to add a smart thermostat to their homes.

Add a Dehumidifier to Your HVAC System

In the warmer months, the humidity outside can be stifling. If that humidity builds up inside your home, your HVAC system will have a harder time cooling the space. The excess moisture in the air not only makes the air feel clammy and heavy, but it can also force your HVAC system to cool the moisture-laden air to reach the desired temperature. This extra workload increases the amount of energy the system uses.

To reduce the effects of humidity on your HVAC system’s energy usage, and the amount of your energy bills, a humidity-controlling upgrade is a smart option.

Upgrade Your Maintenance Plan

Your HVAC system is a big investment, and regular maintenance can keep your investment performing its best. There is more to maintaining the system than simply replacing air filters, so treat your HVAC system to regular cleanings and tuneups as well. Once your HVAC system is healthy, air will flow easier, and the system itself won’t have to work as hard to keep up circulation and cool or heat as it should.

With a cleaner HVAC system, you’ll get improved indoor air quality as well. Adding a regular maintenance check to your spring cleaning list will make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

Everyone wants to save a little money. Upgrading your home’s HVAC system may not be the first improvement that comes to mind, but it’s a great way to make your HVAC system more efficient in its energy usage. Any one of the four options presented above can help cut your energy bill and make receiving your monthly statement a sense of accomplishment instead of a source of frustration.

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