“Tasteful” Presidential Cookie Cake Campaign

Enjoy a “Sweeter” Presidential Election this Year with Gourmet Gift Baskets!

The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election has been widely depicted as the harshest, most-uncivilized political contest in generations. Candidates call each other names, accuse each other of outlandish behavior, claim opponents are emotionally unfit to run the country, and even condemn their rival’s supporters. Attempting to help America move beyond this unsavory election year atmosphere, New Hampshire-based online retailer GourmetGiftBaskets.com is launching its own Presidential Cookie Cake Campaign today to sweeten the deal for the electorate.


This more “tasteful” election, which includes the company’s own versions of the Electoral College and the popular vote, invites members of the public to voice their choice among a new line of original Presidential Cookie Cakes. Each 10-inch sugar cookie cake features its own frosting caricature of Democrat Hillary Clinton, Republican Donald Trump or Libertarian Gary Johnson.

“Many Americans don’t know what they’ll ultimately do on election day,” said Jason Bergeron, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for GourmetGiftBaskets.com. “That’s why we’re hoping to offer weary voters a fun distraction, making their experience sweeter as they brace themselves for Election Day on November 8th.”


Our Thoughts

No matter how you feel about the political climate, you have to agree that these cookies are fantastic. It’s such a great idea to add a little bit of humor and fun to what is a less than “savory” political race. These cookie cakes and the coordinating “cookie campaign” are meant to help lift America’s spirits and make life a little sweeter. Each cookie is adorned with the candidate of your choice and made of a delicious sugar cook. The cookie itself is delicious. We LOVED cutting into the candidate and enjoying something sweet! These would make great gifts for your political friends and family or something sweet to eat while watching the less than sweet debates.

Currently, GourmetGiftBaskets.com is offering free ground shipping on the candidate cookies or 10$ off expedited shipping. While you’re on the site vote for your favorite “cookie candidate” and watch the results come in Nov 1!

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9 comments on ““Tasteful” Presidential Cookie Cake Campaign

  1. Katie

    This is a really fun idea to take away some of the negativity of this year’s campaign! Looks yummy too!

  2. ellen beck

    Hillary looks much younger in cookie form ! I like these, they are fun and probably much sweeter than the election itself.

  3. Sarah M

    These look like a lot of fun and yummy too – way to “bite the head” off of the one you don’t like – LOL!

  4. janice Murphy

    Love this lol we love cookies in our home ,I might make make one that we can eat the one we dont like lol

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