“(un)Natural Mom: Why You Are the Perfect Mom for Your Kids” Book Review

While motherhood seems to come naturally to some, many women struggle with feelings of failure and inadequacy, believing if they could only be like that mom over there, their lives and families would be much better off. Rather than wallow in guilt and “shoulds,” renowned South African speaker, TV presenter and author Hettie Brittz wants moms to find hope and encouragement in (un)Natural Mom: Why You Are the Perfect Mom for Your Kids (David C Cook/August 1, 2016/ISBN: 978-0434710284/$16.99). “Every mom wants to be able to admit some aspect of motherhood does not come naturally and not all motherhood duties bring her fulfillment,” Brittz recognizes. “The (un)Natural Mom book gives you permission to admit this and to find what you are natural at!”

Countless women get bogged down in the Pinterest-perfect image of what a mother should be. They feel guilt for failing at cloth diapers, dreading school plays and missing the days of going to the bathroom by themselves, and as a result feel they aren’t a “natural mom.” Brittz, however, shows readers the idea of a “natural mother” is a myth and explores four primary parenting styles, guiding them to discover the strengths they already possess. In fact, Brittz believes each mother’s “imperfections” are exactly what makes her the perfect mother for her children.

Drawing from her years of experience working with children as a speech pathologist and adapting homeschooling to fit her own children, Brittz developed the Tall Trees Parenting Profile. Readers can take the free online test to discover their own unique Tree Types and begin to understand that they already are the mothers they were meant to be. Each type of mother is compared to a type of tree — a palm tree, rose bush, pine tree or boxwood — based on qualities the mother and tree have in common. By taking the assessment, readers can discover what chapters of the book to focus on. In the stories taken from Brittz’s own experiences and the in-depth looks at “a day in the life” of four real-world Tree Types, moms have the opportunity to see themselves honestly and clearly and to find hope and grace.

My Thoughts

Being a mom is hard enough on it’s own but now we live in an age of social media. This makes our already difficult jobs even harder because there is so much to compare yourself with. I know I’m guilty of feeling like I’m not doing enough for my kids when I see all these posts from “supermoms” even if that’s not what is really happening behind the scenes. Rarely a book comes along that offers exactly what I need to hear. This is one of those books that speaks to the nagging, guilty mom feeling in all of us! Brittz does an amazing job of showing you that you are a great mom based on your parenting style/personality. I would recommend this book to any struggling mom out there looking to see that they are really the best mom for their children. You can find this book on Amazon or your favorite bookseller.

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7 comments on ““(un)Natural Mom: Why You Are the Perfect Mom for Your Kids” Book Review

  1. dana vento

    I don’t let any post, or anything I read make me Ever feel less than I am. Not anyone is a Super Mom we all are, because moms are pulled in so many directions. I often question how we get it all done. Great Post

  2. Vicky

    Being a blogger I know what goes on behind the scenes of those perfect pinterest mom photos, so I am don’t compare myself to those standards. I struggle more with real life moms that brag about their kids or all the things they are doing. That is when I need to remind myself to stay in my lane and do my best. It sounds like (un)Natural mom would really help me with that.

  3. Marysa

    I haven’t heard of this book before, but it sounds like a reassuring read. I agree, there is too much going on with social media and we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. I think we need to go more on how we feel and our natural instincts, and not worry about what other people think or do.

  4. Karissa

    It is such a tough job! There will always be bad days and times when you feel insufficient. I love the idea of this book. It sounds like a read that would be great for any mom – whether she has new babies or adults out of the house!

  5. Kristy @ Mommy Hates Cooking

    This is the first time I’ve heard of “unNatural Mom” but it sure sounds like a great book! Social Media, especially blogs and pinterest, put a lot of pressure on moms. I know I’ve felt it before. I need to check this book out.

  6. Jennifer

    It’s so hard being a mom sometimes. I haven’t heard of this book, but I definitely think I should pick it up and read it soon.

  7. kristi@ishouldbemoppingthefloor

    Momming IS so hard…but so rewarding, too. I totally agree with you, that, in the age of social media and Pinterest perfection, we all feel inadequate in some way or another. Definitely need to check this book out for when those thoughts creep in and take over. Thanks for sharing.

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